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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I like Fall Out Boy: I'm either a huge douche, a 15-year-old deep inside, or music is just no longer part of my identity.

You ever feel embarrassed for someone for the shit they're saying out loud about music? The worst is when someone over the age of 30 trots out that old nag of, "I liked them before they got big". Good lord. Aren't there better things to be childish about? That's a solid sign of insecurity.

At this point in my life, I could listen to nearly anything (ok, not Nelly McKay) from Spin Doctors to Dave Matthews Band to Descendants to Bad Brains and like it all about the same --- depending on my mood.

Proof: I rocked Fall Out Boy on the iPod almost the entire eight-hour trip from DC to Hamburg, Germany today.

That's something I wouldn't have admitted at age 23. I feel embarrassed for myself that I ever took something as shallow as music so seriously.

The more I listen to Fall Out Boy, the more I wish I had a 15-year-old daughter to take to one of their concerts. Makes me feel good to look ahead to the rest of my life rather than back toward my shallower days.
I don't know who Fallout Boy is but let me comment on your self-appraisal:

I find it hard to believe a man who has such eccelctic taste in music and a musician to boot can consider himself as lacking musical identity. Its much more likey that you are a huge douche.....hehe, just kidding.

Seriously, there is nothing wrong with saying that you like some band produced by pop culture (unless you like Hanna Montana, and, if thats the case, please commit suicide now. My skin writhes at just the fact that I know her name). Enjoying music is YOUR perogative, and letting yourself feel like society is judging you compeltely goes against the whole concept of liking music in the first place.

I would look at it from a different angle: that you can still remain hip unlike some people who will never let go of their Journey albums and refuse to listen to anything else. Its a sign that your preferences are still relevant and that getting old doesn't mean your spirit has to do the same, so I guess the only final choice is that you are a 15-year old deep inside. And if that is the case, and if your old post about wanting babies is still alive, then you will have no issues achieving your goals :)
I kind of think Fall Out Boy is the Journey of today. They make incredibly catchy, well-crafted pop music. They don't claim to be anything other than a shallow pop band, but they happen to be really great at that and I think that's a rare talent.

Like Journey, I love FOB as a guilty pleasure because of their overly-wrought lyrics and crowd-pleasing choruses, but I also think Patrick Stump is an amazing vocalist, and this is pop music, people, not a political speech-- exactly what he's singing is less important to me than how he sings it. I've always been a huge fan of Craig Wedren from Shudder To Think and I think Patrick Stump sounds a little like him. I'm also a sucker for the singalong, climactic ending and FOB brings it.

Almost everyone I know has a visceral negative reaction toward Fall Out Boy and I think that's mainly because Pete Wentz has such a douchey tabloid image (I don't care, I'd still hit that... if I wasn't married and he wasn't dating that whore).

I used to hide my love for them but I'm fully out of the closet. Music snobs can suck it.

PS: I also love Kelly Clarkson.
Which one's which? The guy without the shirt just looks like a soft poseur, while the other three look like geeks -- the type who were either in chess or drama club in high school. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Ahem.

In fact, the guy without the shirt on looks like a poseur trying to pose as Mike Ness of Social Distortion, and I'm sorry but Social Distortion rock dad Haus!

While my musical tastes have certainly expanded as I've grown older, I draw the line at Jessica Simpson type music, "Country Music," and soft jazz.
it's gotta be the 'stashe wax. it's bled into your brain. and maybe your ears. stop it. stop it right now. i mean it.
The Journey comparison is valid. Fall Out Boy make good corporate rock. It happens. The Monkees had quite a few good songs, and that was as calculated and commercial a musical assembly as has ever been.
You guys are so cool. I know that because I don't know a single FOB song.

I listen to irish folk songs and scottish bagpipes.

D. All of the above
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