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Sunday, February 03, 2008

I Won "The Sam Elliot Award"

It was hard work with all the toilet gasket wax (for the side curls) and my tiny comb, but I won one of the four awards offered by my wife's company for best mustache 2008. Sadly, I did not win the Best in Show; that was won by a guy who had a dragon shaved into his face.

As you can see at right, my mustache pose was the classic "fisticuffs". My old timey bicycle with the six-foot tall front wheel was locked up outside.

Below is the actual award and a rendering of what my great great grandfather may have looked like.

Here's Jim's photoset of the entire department at the awards party.

For a bit of local flavor, I now think you may have won more prizes had you purchased a shirt (or a case of beer) with this man's logo on it: natty boh guy.
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And a matching shirt for katie,

>UTZ girl

I always said Utz and Natty boh are a match made in heaven!
Lonnie, I'm organizing a mustache contest for you and your gang of DC Reprobates want in on it?

First Prize is an all expense trip to a local barber for a professional shave.
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