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Monday, June 09, 2008

My Home Bar is Complete

“Serving good drinks, like producing anything worth while, from a poem to a motor-car, is troublesome and expensive.” - Kingsley Amis

I should've smeared my entire body with latex adhesive before starting to lay my commercial dark green and tan vinyl tile in a checkered pattern on my basement floor. The result would've been the same either way: most of my skin ended up sticky with dirt-encrusted latex.

But now the pain and GAAD DAAAMMIT!s are done and I have a proper man cave to retire to when the day's work is done. I'd like to thank Jim W. for helping with the drudgery involved in building my fun room.

Anyone care to join me for a cocktail?

Before (Feb 28, 2008):

After (today):

Here's me at the helm:

Those shelves behind the bar are the slats that connected an old bed headboard and footboard that I found covered in sawdust in my old man's garage; that map is of Smith Island in the Chesapeake that the former owner of my sailboat left onboard; the lantern was given to me by a friend who visited Japan; the bull horns are from my brother-in-law who lives in Wyoming; that green weird table/chair is a 1960s telephone chair I got at an antique shop down the street for $40; those bar stools I got at Target; and the floor is cheap commercial vinyl I bought at Lowes and laid myself:

No self-respecting home bar doesn't have a beat-up swordfish on the wall. I got it at a pawn shop in Luray, Virginia for cheap:

My bitters collection has its own shelf:

Of course, I had to break in the new bar with a few guests later that evening. I had finished the tile that same day:

My wife, doing her part to break in the home bar with a lil' karaoke:

Servin' up drinks behind the stick. Finally:

Fantastic. We used the same tile (different color) in the kitchen -- the stuff looks great and reminds me of elementary school.
very nice. Why'd you ditch the mirror on the front of the bar? Too difficult to clean or drunkards would kick it and smash the glass?

The swordfish is exceptional.

The mirrors on the bar front were a horrible idea. They were straight out of 1982. Those were about the first things I got rid of.
This is a thing of utter beauty. Although, a taxidermied mammal can't hurt, this is just beauty. I can't wait to bend an elbow with you guys in there.

Very nice, Lonnie. Great job.
Olnu 95% DONE, we need to do the plumbing, perhaps next weekend?
where are the cow skulls from Texas?
That's the greatest bar in the world. I want to spend every evening there, alternately sobbing and laughing as I unload on you.
Hopefully, You'll have at least some multiple cold domestics for the un-sophisticates. Like myself. Like soon.
Your boat bar needs work, Post'n from the boat, 6/14/2005 4:00pm
Its going to make a great playroom for your child.

How is that going? (The baby-making thing?)


Lots of "going" but not much "making". Thanks for asking.

"Going" is the best part. :)

Anyways, great bar LB. I'm jealous. GOt any bar games in there? Darts? Pinball?

No bar games ... yet. I want to put darts but it may be too small a room for much more. We do have a ROCKING karaoke system set up.
Wow! Heaven for Lonnie. What a setup.

--Random Libertarian
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