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Thursday, May 01, 2008

In high school, we used to make each other pass out just for fun.

As a supplement to alcohol in high school, we got "high" from a special breathing and pushing technique that would force someone to pass out, making the willing victim collapse into a crumple on the floor and sometimes jerk around in twitchy seizures for a minute. And it felt so cool.

The technique required two people: one "Breather" and one "Pusher". The Breather would stand with his or her back flat against a wall and take 10 deep breaths to the point of hyperventilation. The Pusher would stand facing the Breather. When the Breather had finished 10 deep breaths --- holding the final one on the 10th inhale --- the Pusher would push both hands with all his might upward onto the Breather's chest. This would force the Breather's back up the wall about six inches.

Then, the Pusher would let go and the Breather would exhale, leaning forward in a stooped position. Every time, without fail, the Breather would then fall into a crumpled pile on the floor and be passed out for about one minute. Sometimes we'd laugh as the Breather twitched, lying on the floor. This is what we did for kicks!

I suppose this activity was dangerous but god damn it was fun --- gave a nice head rush and felt WEIRD, a bit like the effect of a drug. This activity was a trend for a while among my circle of friends. We'd all periodically do this to one another when hanging out on weekends. If there was someone who'd never seen it before, we'd all get excited and try and get them to do it.
Those seizures weren't good. We called it the daily junkie lean.
Hehe, this activity spread to beyond high school, I had it done to me sophmore year in college. Except, we used 3 people, the breather, the pusher, and the catcher.
As a late-thirties loser, I shake my head and wonder how we live to adulthood. However, as a high school kid I'm sure I would have laughed my ass off every time...though I would have goaded others into doing it to themselves rather than take part myself.
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