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Saturday, April 19, 2008

On accident, I caught a big ass fish today.

Completely on accident. Me and Mark went out today and when we figured there wasn't going to be any wind, we asked at the bait shop if they were biting. No one knew.

So we bought a $50 fishing license, and after filing down my rusty hooks, threw them out.

Long story short, we caught the above BEAST. A 34 inch, 20 lb rockfish. Fought him to the surface after thinking I'd hooked a carpet. Or a stingray, but no, it's a beautiful Chesapeake rockfish. Then pix-texted 20 friends to let them know.

The best was when I held the dead fish above my head in my neighborhood and everyone gathered 'round to see. Like 8 people! Cooked him up on the grill for all to eat. And eat they did!

And all under sail, people. My advice: when you hook something the size of my above beast, heave to. You know how to heave to?

Anyway, didn't spend a drop of gas today, caught a big fish. Wish you'd been with me. Seriously. More pictures below:

And just caught, taken from the cell phone:

Very, very nice fish.

I was going to correct you and say that its a Striped Bass, not a rockfish... then I realized that in Maryland you guys call them Rockfish.

They're just starting to run up the Hudson now, so I bet they're all over the bay down there.

Very nice.
Nice fish, great post. I especially like the part about the age-old tradition of showing it off to the neighbors - very cool.
Completely on accident? Was he suicidal?

I bet he tasted awesome. Nothing like grilled fish. Congrats.


Here's how I cooked him:

Cut the fish into steaks. Fired up the grill with "cowboy charcoal" (real pieces of wood charcoal). Soaked some mesquite chips in water for 30 minutes. Pushed the hot coals to one side and put the chips onto them. Then I put the fish on the "cold" side of the grill and closed it up, making the smoker effect. Then sprinkled on some Old Bay seasoning.

That fish fed 6 people and there were still leftovers. SO GOOD.
Way to assert your superiority over nature! Great catch.
Wow, LB, that's awesome. I find more and more that when trying to land a big catch, people are more successful when they don't try.

Mmm, my mouth is watering after the description of your prep of the jealous.
I forgot to add....

Let me guess, you used the old empty water bottle and roll of fishing line method? Must have been one of those blue 5 gallon jugs...
Nice fish!!

I think LB's fish's latin nomenclature is

humungfish serendipitus

with I had a bite of those steaks
Next time try soaking the chips in Jack Daniels and wrap them in foil. Punch holes in the top of the foil.

Throw the packet on the coals directly... only takes a few minutes and gives several hours of wonderfully tasty smoke. I prefer the flavor to just water soaked chips. This is how I cook trout (just salt, pepper, and olive oil though).
HOLY COW that sounds good. THANKS.
got your file via tha blackberry......someone asked me how much it weighed......told them I didn't know, but the phone weighed 3 oz more after the file came in.
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