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Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's 2008: Most 1990s Indie Rock Now Sounds Sucky ... Except Sebadoh

Dear Dudes Born in the Early '70s Who're Slightly Musical:

How often have you thought, "You know, I haven't heard enough whiny white guys singing in a breathy voice lately." The same amount of time you've wished to see a male's shoeless feet, probably.

But us guys've got our sensitive side, we've got our sensitive side. For me, that side occasionally belongs to the 90s band, Sebadoh. Hear me out for a sec while I rant in support of them.

First time I heard Sebadoh was when Pete's cover band rocked the song "Homemade" back in college. He did it better than Sebadoh themselves! I've been smitten with them since --- off and on.

Sebadoh doesn't have a ton of skill but when you hear a song like "Homemade" you get a feeling like they thought volume and passion could morph into talent. Remember volume and passion? That used to be what inspired little bands to play in front of other people --- not some subconscious drive to torture the listening public like you see so often nowadays. A glut of crappy little bands.

And their track "Brand New Love". Just beautiful. Makes a manly man feel like it's ok to be faggity. Just kidding, I mean, "sensitive, and in touch with my feelings."

Once, someone gave me a 12" vinyl of their lead singer Lou Barlow's acoustic love songs. For a while, I was afraid to admit I had it. To this day, that album is probably best listened to completely alone. Don't tell anyone.

The tracks:

Sebadoh, "Brand New Love":

Sebadoh, "Homemade":
Actually, we did "Brand New Love". If you remember The Milk-O-Matics did "Homemade" and "Brand New Love".
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