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Monday, January 22, 2007

Taking your shoes off when entering a house is DISGUSTING.

No one's ever thought: "You know, I haven't seen enough male feet lately." Despite this, way too many people request that I disrobe my stank-ass feet when I enter their houses. I can understand if someone has white carpets that they're obsessive about keeping clean but it's useless with wood floors or linoleum. Floors are meant to be walked upon and most people don't have enough filth clinging to their shoes to be a problem.

I hate taking my shoes off to enter someone's house for three simple reasons:

1) Feet fucking smell bad. In Asia, you can't enter any place with a roof overhead -- other than an outhouse -- without being sock-footed. Since the weather is hot as an oven indoors or out, the result is a roomful of soaked, reeking feet, which has the opposite of the intended effect.

2) Feet fucking look bad. No one wants to see a man's feet. No one. If you like the sight of a man's naked or socked feet, you're a fetishist freak.

3) Being sock-footed and doing business -- or anything around adults -- makes me feel like a douchebag. Could you imagine James Bond with a Martini and no shoes on? Or how about Donald Trump cutting a real estate deal while lettin' his dogs breathe? Horrible.
Last year my wife instituted a shoes off policy. It has remarkably decreased the amount of dust and gritty crap on the floors. I'm serious.
I respectfully disagree. The douche bags upstairs walk around their apartments with their shoes on at all hours of the night and it sucks. These guys are both over 6'5" and are NOT athletic. It's like living under fucking elephants.

Also, I've got enough friends with a no shoes policy that it forced me to take care of my funky ass feet. For that I thank them, and I'm sure my wife does too.

When I worked in an office my employees knew not to fuck with me when my shoes were off. It meant I was working on something important. It makes me feel more grounded.

But hey, thats me.
Maybe I'm wrong.

But I will point out that in tropical countries taking off shoes makes the entire room smell like stinky feet. It's different in the NE USA where it's cold.
I actually went on a sales call where the policy was to take your shoes off in the office. it was weird, the CEO sat criss cross applesauce on his herman miller chair in his bare stockings. It was weird.

We make kids take their shoes off in our house because kids will step in crap and not notice. kids are weird, how can you not notice crap on your shoes?
Try sandals in hot countries, LB. They are easy to flip off and they let your feet breathe. Of course, you have to watch where you step since you are then in bare feet.

I once took my shoes off at a house where the carpet was dirtier than a freakin pile of mulch, and realized I made a big mistake. But I couldn't put my shoes back on, so I just walked around on the flat gritty carpet. my socks turned grey.
I completly agree with you! I take my shoes off when I'm at my house not when I'm going to be at someone elses house for less than an hour. It just doesn't make sense. And if you bought white carpet your the dumb ass, why should I take off my shoes. Hell I'd rather but on those little booties cable guys carry with them...
If you take your shoes off in my house you can pretty much expect the dog to chew 'em up. Of course, you'll probably want to anyway 'cause I still need to clean up the dog shit in the yard. I'll give you a holler in a few weeks if you still want to go fishing. I'm taking advantage of the cold snap to get some maintainence done on the boat.
Taking shoes off sucks! I'm an appliance service man - and you would not believe how many people ask me to take my shoes off so that I can service their washing machine in the dampest, dankiest, dirtiest part of their basement. You bloody well know that you've not cleaned your laundry room since the summer of '69. Do you actually think I like having your lint and dirt and crap stuck to my socks - so that I can shove that crap back in my shoes and take it home with me? What bugs me more is when I have to take my shoes off when my shoes/socks are cleaner then the friggin floors i've got to walk on. I really don't want to clean your floors with my socks, thank you very much. After cleaning floors with my socks all day, its no wonder my shoes smell like ass.
I agree! I have no problem with feet -- my own or others -- and in fact prefer to be barefoot whenever possible. But still. Last winter I was invited to a holiday party in cold-ass Pittsburgh. It was thrown by some 50 something pop-culture professor with a self-proclaimed obsession with Japanese "school girl culture." I had on a winter white suit and a pair of shiny bronze stillettos purchased just for the outfit. Not only were they an integral part of the outfit, without them, the hem of my pristine white (and very expensive) trousers drooped all over the hard wood floors and were a bleak mix of sooty brown and grey by evening's end. What's more, the stillettos were sandals, so naturally I was not wearing socks underneath. The floor was marginally cleaner than, say, a 7/11. Given the aforementioned predilection with fetish-like "cultures," I was not interesting in encountering the end-product of related perversions with my bare toes. As a final insult, and perhaps worse even than a naked sweatyfoot, is the fact that the heat was turned down low. Becuase the host expected a press of partygoers to heat the place by body temperature alone, he lowered the heat to a balmy 62 degrees, putting my naked dudes in clear danger of frostbite. Ready to buy? Wait, there's more. Worst of all is that homeboy had some cats, who kindly tracked and scattered litter across the hard wood floors, which of course embedded itself into my vulnerable little foot pads. I tried to scrape them off before crawling into my bed but my efforts were to no avail; the following morning I awoke to a scattering of kitty litter morsels all over the bottom part of the bed and in between the bedsheets. Gross! The sheets were never the same and neither was my winter white suit. The silver lining to this painful podiatric cloud? The fact that all the stupid hipsters couldn't figure out which chuck taylors they ought to put on at the end of the night.
I AM WITH YOU! Have you ever seen the episode of Sex and the City where someone made Carrie take off her shoes in their apartment and a 3 year old ran off with one shoe? That $350 shoe was never to be seen again. But realistically, I often have holes in my socks that nobody should see. AND people's floors sometimes aren't even THAT clean and my socks end up trailing dog hair or worse. And yes, sometimes I just feel DUMB IN MY SOCKS!
my sister house had the same policy. wear their slippers which they had for guests in living room and kitchen(need to state that they had tile floor!!) and on bare foot for upstars(carpet) this made me unrelaxed everytime i went there, so i decided to not visit them anymore..fuck that mates. it only takes 10 mins a day to broom and mop an average kitchen and living room floor a day.
Like I said on someone else's blog:

Just vacuum your floor every week. Shampoo it each month. Keeping shoes off will not keep your floor clean. Feet have oils and sweat that do more harm than shoes and some people don't change there socks that often either. So the no shoes rule is really stupid. I also find it rude. It's my body and my clothes and shoes. I come to your house to feel conferable. I bought my shoes to wear and show them off and keep my feet comfy and warm. I will wipe them before I come in, but it's rude of you to tell me to strip off a piece of me to walk on your floor. If I want to take off my shoes it's my choice. I dunno how clean your carpet is and if someone is sick and sneezing and what if someone has chapped and dry feet. What if I slip in your kitchen? Get rid of the no shoes rule. Do you have pets that go outside and come in? Do you wash there feet before they can walk on your carpet? Seriously.....When I goto someones house I want to feel cozy. I don't when I have to strip off my shoes and step in gunk or piss that someone missed the toilet. When you have to create all these lame rules because every thing is so delicate and you can't relax it's not a home.
For all you girls who absolutely love your heels. Do you have any idea what heels can do to a hardwood floor?
With children, a shoes off in the home policy is important. Our back door opens to the patio which is right off the lawn. If there is fertilizer on the lawn, or the neighbor's lawn, all that goes right onto our carpet. Walk in from the driveway? If there's oil or sidewalk chalk or anything on the ground, it ends up on the floors in the house. It is not healthy to let a baby crawl in that. Yes, you get a Shmop-type mop and mop all the time. Yes, you vacuum all the time. And in the summer when my kids run around outside, I put a clean dishpan with a little soapy water and a brush for them to wash their feet when they come in the house.

No, I don't ask a repair man to take off his shoes to go to the basement but most of them are considerate and wear clean shoe coverings, which is nice. I, myself, have a pair of clean shoes that I wear only in the house (though I occasionally forget to take them off when going on and have to wash the soles).

I would take my shoes off at someone else's house -I just wear clean socks without holes. If you don't have kids and aren't eating your food off the floor or crawling around on it, good for you and you don't have to worry about it.
I strongly disagree that wearing shoes in your home makes it more homely and relaxing. I suppose it has alot to do with up-bringing. I was raised in a "no shoe" home, and I follow the same rules in my home today. I can't wait to come home from work, take my shoes off and relax. Afterall i've had them on all day! why in the world would i want to leave them on at home? after walking on streets and sidewalks that animals have urinated on, bird poop, week old taco sauce, dirt, grime etc. and then lay on my couch comfortably with those shoes on?... ahhh so cozy and relaxing. I just don't get it. Take your shoes off, you home, relax.
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