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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tomorrow, I depart for the island in Indonesia where 90 people were killed in a plane crash.

After a week using my Indonesian language CD-ROM, I now know the numbers. That's why the words "sembilan puluh" sound morbid because that's the number of people killed in yesterday's plane crash on a flight from Java to Sulawesi---the exact route I'm going to take after I depart DC tomorrow.

But I'd much rather take that risk in the world's largest muslim country rather than be stuck here for the duration of January---arguably the most depressing period to exist in Washington DC. (I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder).

The good news about spending time in a muslim country is the lack of alcohol which will help me accomplish my new year's resolution of not getting hangovers in 2007. I dealt with a severe brain-drainer that ended with me puking in the Molly Pitcher Service stop on the Jersey Turnpike yesterday. Never again, never again.

On the road again, huh? Well, Happy New Year and have a safe trip.

Safe travels my friend! I admire your sense of adventure.

btw, did you text msg me before or after the turnpike stop?
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