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Monday, December 18, 2006

Let us kill the ironic t-shirt trend once and for all.

My friend Greg McKenna created the modern ironic t-shirt trend in the mid-1990s when he attempted to top the Guiness record for most t-shirts worn at once. He crowned his 25-layer thick achievement with an "I'm Having a Maalox Moment" shirt, and history marched forward and then downward over a decade later.

Now, it's come to the point where any d-bag with no sense of history can buy a hammer and sickle t-shirt and call it fashion.

What started with Maalox is now an endorsement of the worst political system in history, totalitarianism.

It's getting tiresome. Enough already.
Irony is not an endorsement, LB. I might argue, however, that the shirt is not being worn ironically but is indeed an endorsement...

I think the now defunct bar "State of the Union" was ironic.
Dr. Cuff,

Now my head is spinning.
Was it ever a trend in the first place?
Not to beat a dead horse but I laugh every time I think of this one t shirt I saw -

It's a little cartoon of a Jesus on a hang glider and below it says -

What Wouldn't Jesus Do?

I think that's pretty funny
Agreed, ironic T shirts are retarded. One of the more entertaining aspects about them is that their wearers seem to think that they've hit upon a unique idea, when in actuality thousands of others are proudly wearing the same shirt.
This has nothing to do with ironic t-shirts but I did find this amazing cold war unicorn play set while Christmas shopping this year:
It does have to do with CCCP, though.

If only they'd had the unicorns battle it out in, say, '53, we could have made my childhood less traumatic.
can we extend the ban to all shirts with the word "brooklyn" on them? if brooklyn is so goddamn awesome, just move there already.
it is just weird to me that you can get cool t-shirts at target

if you get a cool t-shirt at target
is it still cool?

that said from a man with a Jamaica track jacket from Fillings Basement
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