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Saturday, September 29, 2007

These Four Photos are Reminders of the Best Sailing Summer on Record

For the past two weeks I've been working my ass off on my new boat: sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding --- painting with roller and brush --- with a break to sand for hours --- gunking on some caulking (more caulk on me than the boat) --- putting on the third, fourth and fifth coat (yes, the fifth).

Now I'm now on business in a different country -- Texas. I'll post pics of the boat's progress soon, I promise.

So to remind me what I'm working for, I'd like to post my favorite pictures from the sailing trips I took this summer.

Here's a great shot of our ship's medic passing me a Marlboro. Smoking, drinking and sailing go very well together, and that should be little surprise.

This was in the middle of a lazy Chesapeake wind. I found that there was a step on the mast and just perched there for a few minutes. G. McKenna is in the background:

Here's me in front of a stump on an island that's only accessible by boat on the Chesapeake. I'm keeping it a secret, but one day maybe I'll take you there:

Here's Chris throwing a 16 foot cast net in a remote anchorage in the Chesapeake. This is what inspired me to purchase two cast nets from ebay:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Bought a Whole GALLON of Chipotle Tabasco Sauce

With over two decades of dedicated hot sauce tasting experience under my belt, I now declare that Tabasco's new chipotle hot sauce is the best on planet Earth.

My wife and I realized we were going through the regular sized bottles at the rate of one a week so we splurged and bought a $50 one gallon jug of the stuff.

I had never seen that much hot sauce in a single container until today.

After it arrived by UPS in a huge packing-peanut-stuffed box, I set it on the counter and couldn't stop staring. This picture doesn't do justice; this thing is a BEAST, dwarfing everything in our fridge.

If you have not tried Tabasco Chipotle, do so now. In fact, I feel sorry for you if you haven't already.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm selling my old sailboat

(Update, Sept 9th: my sailboat has been SOLD).

After eight years of sailing my O'Day, I have decided to purchase a larger sailboat and must sell my beloved old girl. She has served me well, but I cannot afford to own two boats! I used this boat often and it never gave me any major problems. Lots of life left in her, no doubt.


- 23' O'Day Sailboat (1972 fiberglass)

- She has an outboard motor which is a 2003 Yamaha 4-horsepower 4-stroke. This motor is in excellent condition and will probably outlive you. 4 stroke motors are great for the environment (so is sailing, btw).

- 135% genoa which I bought last year. The sail is used, but in great shape.

- 100% working jib.

- Main sail in fine shape.

- Spinnaker pole & spinnaker

- Teak tiller - 2 years old

- Minor deck repair needed (one crack and one missing cleat - a day's work)

- Boat is at a slip in Edgewater, MD. The slip renews on October 1st and at this time costs $1100/year to keep it there. This marina is less than one hour's drive from downtown Washington, DC.

- Overall, she's a little rough around the edges --- just needs a little love.

Best offer - lonniebruner AT gmail

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