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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Bought a Whole GALLON of Chipotle Tabasco Sauce

With over two decades of dedicated hot sauce tasting experience under my belt, I now declare that Tabasco's new chipotle hot sauce is the best on planet Earth.

My wife and I realized we were going through the regular sized bottles at the rate of one a week so we splurged and bought a $50 one gallon jug of the stuff.

I had never seen that much hot sauce in a single container until today.

After it arrived by UPS in a huge packing-peanut-stuffed box, I set it on the counter and couldn't stop staring. This picture doesn't do justice; this thing is a BEAST, dwarfing everything in our fridge.

If you have not tried Tabasco Chipotle, do so now. In fact, I feel sorry for you if you haven't already.
I should do the same with Frank's Red Hot. THat's my poison.

Not a huge fan of chipotle style sauce, but I'll revisit Tabasco's brand again on your suggestion. Anything LB buys by the gallon is worth at least another sample.

Mattlow Toldmie
I think that thing would eat our refrigerator. We have a tough enough time cramming in the milk and orange juice.
I have to agree with Mattlow, not a fan of the Chipotle...I have too much history with the original. I just can't let go of that sweet hot embrace of McIlhenny's teet.

Still, a gallon of hot sauce is quite impressive. I think it could be a double edged sword though. You might begin to think that you have so much that you will never run out or get tired of it. Before you know it, its gone in a few weeks and all you have left is an empty jug ideal for moonshine and a stomach minus one lining.
You just solved the christmas present dilemma for my father in law.
That's a little intimidating. I do the same with this BBQ sauce. It's the best bbq sauce on the planet
I tried the Chipotle style the other day, and I was unimpressed to say the least, though not as much as with that green Jalapeno crap they came out with a while back. The original is the best in my opinion. I was late for the start of an ocean race a few years back because we forgot Tabasco and had to make a run into town quickly to get some. Let us know how long it takes to finish off the gallon...I am quite curious to know.
Can you put that stuff on fish?
That shit is the deal! Its not real hot and has a great smokey flavor. smother a shitload of it onto a burrito bowl at Chipotle..awesome! I probably go throug a small bottle of it a month or so..
And just WHAT does this have to do with sailing?
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