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Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm selling my old sailboat

(Update, Sept 9th: my sailboat has been SOLD).

After eight years of sailing my O'Day, I have decided to purchase a larger sailboat and must sell my beloved old girl. She has served me well, but I cannot afford to own two boats! I used this boat often and it never gave me any major problems. Lots of life left in her, no doubt.


- 23' O'Day Sailboat (1972 fiberglass)

- She has an outboard motor which is a 2003 Yamaha 4-horsepower 4-stroke. This motor is in excellent condition and will probably outlive you. 4 stroke motors are great for the environment (so is sailing, btw).

- 135% genoa which I bought last year. The sail is used, but in great shape.

- 100% working jib.

- Main sail in fine shape.

- Spinnaker pole & spinnaker

- Teak tiller - 2 years old

- Minor deck repair needed (one crack and one missing cleat - a day's work)

- Boat is at a slip in Edgewater, MD. The slip renews on October 1st and at this time costs $1100/year to keep it there. This marina is less than one hour's drive from downtown Washington, DC.

- Overall, she's a little rough around the edges --- just needs a little love.

Best offer - lonniebruner AT gmail

somebody once said the first happiest day in your life is when you buy your first boat. the second happiest day is when yous ell it. i say that's crap. I still regret selling my cape Dory Typhoon.
My reality is this:

"The first happiest day in your life is when you buy your first sailboat. The second happiest day in your life is when you buy your second, yet bigger sailboat."
If only I had the cash Lonnie...

I was in Ctown last weekend and Sunday had "You must go sailing now and have fun" written all over it. Instead I sat with parents, wife, brother and daughter by the water side sipping gin and tonic while day dreaming of standing at 45 degrees, water just below me, and wind in my hair. The alternative was fun of course but when the weather calls, you can't help but wish..
If I knew a thing about sailing I'd probably make an offer (too late now, though, I see), because those pictures sell it.
From that first picture, it appears that the alignment is out of whack, did the buyer notice?

First picture or second picture? In the picture with the red sky in the background the boat is aground at low tide, if that's what you mean.

Also, to all:

I send out an email to friends offering it for free, so the new owner actually got the boat for no cost. Sorry I didn't mention that. I got the boat for free from Charlie Byrd (the jazz musician) right before he died so I felt obliged morally to give it away for free.
I saved that sunset picture as my desktop and I look at it everyday.
It was only just today that I realized where it was...I guess I killed more brain cells that night than I thought.
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