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Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Floating Colony of Slugs

(a post by Matlow Toldmie)

Money is best used by people who focus on what they love.

In my case, that means three things: 1) the most beautiful daughters God ever blessed the Earth with; 2) my lovely wife; and 3) my 1960s Sunfish.

In people's heads, sailing is a prohibitively expensive hobby, but that mindset taken to its final conclusion will land you in a nursing home, whining about your regrets to a bunch of wannabe golf pros.

I recently bought a Sunfish which moves with the wind only when I man-handle her like a dirty slut. The boat is older than me by countless decades and when I first saw her, she was crawling with a colony of slugs.

After coaxing a decent price out of a co-worker, I managed to get him down to $150 (sucker).

The old bitch is cracked and water logged --- I practically slip a disc each time I hump it on and off my car --- but whatever. I own a boat, BITCH. And I use it, too, which is more than some of those rich bastards who have fancy dinners onboard without leaving the slip can say.

I sail it like a three-armed retard, but I look forward to the day I ram my floating slug motel into the side of some guy's Bénéteau and steal his rum.

I call my Sunfish Pinkie. Got a problem with that name?
I was about to ask when the hell Lonnie came about the kids, but then I realized he's not the only contributor to TSAPS anymore.

I can remember "sailing" a sunfish in my was a hell of a lot of fun, even if I didn't know what I was doing.
Matlow...when are WE going sailing together? Time is-a-running out!
I'm jealous of your slugs. My boat was swept away in 2003 when the storm surge of hurricane Isabel caused an insane record breaking high tide of about 8 feet over mean low water. The top of the bulkhead at my parents house was 2' underwater.

It was a sad day I try to forget by climbing into a tall bottle of scotch.
Dilkman - anytime you have a day off and the wind is above 10mph. I like it more than 10, and so does Pinkie.

Shrubs - You can heal your pain by not only drinking it away but sailing at the same time. Bring an extra bottle for your captain and let's make Pinkie dance.
Does Pinky have a brain?
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