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Sunday, June 24, 2007

When in doubt, ask the dude with the gray pony tail.

(I'm unofficially turning this blog into a sailing blog for the entire summer.)

Every time I go to West Marine or some other boat store that's frequented mainly by stink-potters (motor boaters), I get crappy customer service. The staff is not knowledgeable about anything beyond the most superficial questions.

But today I was helped by a 50-year old dude (who looked 40) who was rocking a foot-long gray rat tail/pony tail. And he KNEW what the fuck he was talking about. I had an obscure question about maintaining 6 volt boat batteries and he took time to give me detailed answers, and seemed thrilled to be talking to me about the subject.

And go figure -- he lived on his sailboat and worked at West Marine part time. That's the perfect kind of guy to talk to about buying boat hardware.

Note to sailors: when you have a question at your over-priced boat store, ask the most douchey of douchery customer service reps --- a gray pony tail is often key. They know their shit (by "shit", I don't mean just Jimmy Buffett).
I've found the sailors are the part-timers who live on board and have the job for the employee discount. I don't have that sure-fire way to identify them:

1) in Sausalito, it's the guy with the mustache

2) in Alameda, it's anybody standing upright

3) in Oakland, it's the guy hiding over by the spools of line pretending to organize things

4) in Richmond, there is some strange magnetic anomaly where whatever you want is easy to find in the first section you look.

5) in Berkeley, it's nobody and that's why that store was closed.
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