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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spending less time in the city ... more time on the water

It's amazing how many people hate the water, dislike hanging out and drinking on boats, and detest leaving the city.

If it were up to me, I'd spend most warm days sailing or putting gear onto the boat.

Today I tested my hardware skills by installing a hard-wired VHF, which hunched me over for hours in a battle against tangles of wires and wrenches.

Every soldered something on a floating vessel? (that's pronounced "sodder"). Manhandling knives and dripping hot metal is how I spent today, and it felt GOOD.

Don't get me wrong, I love clacking bullshit onto this computer, but putting electrical equipment together with my hands is one of my favorite ways to usher in summertime.

And this will pay off. Below is a picture from last week when I flew my sun-damaged spinnaker. My friend Pat was onboard and asked me how I learned to put up a spinnaker. Sailing for Dummies, my friend. That's how.

(Side Note: This is an open invite to all my loyal readers to join me on my sailboat. We can work out the times. You know how to reach me. - LB)
you just bought my loyal readership! i heart sailing.

i don't understand how someone could hate being out on the water in a boat! unless they get really seasick i guess.
Ah, the return of sailing posts. I hope this summer brings several eventful entries that are exciting and dangerous yet stop just short of maiming or death.
I was just thinking of a tactful way of asking Mr. and Mrs. Bruner how to get on that damn boat this summer...!
Nice looking chute dude. You ever troll for stripers when you're on sailing on that thing?

Not only have I trolled for them, I've CAUGHT them.
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