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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is a living middle finger to those who think life ends at 65.

What were you doing on January 14th, 2007?

Like me, you probably woke up late, slouched around the house for a few hours before checking the internet and going back to sleep. Later, you had a microwaved bite to eat, and hours later, dinner came with cold white wine and a warm meal. Then back to sleep --- waking up 12 hours later for the ole office job at John Q. Non-profit Corporation in your nation's capital.

On the other hand, on that same day on January 14th, 2007, an old British man named Robin Knox-Johnston --- age 68 --- departed alone on a sailboat from Australia headed for Norfolk, Virginia where he arrived last night at 7:43PM, March 31st --- 75 days at sea --- after a harrowing 14,500 mile leg through the toughest oceans of the world in the Velux 5 Oceans Race. (News Link)

Back in 1969, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was the first man to sail alone non-stop around of the Earth (wiki link). The Britih papers at the time were preparing an obituary when all of a sudden he coasted into the harbor in England on his jury-rigged excuse for a yacht to break the world record.

This, once again, proves that sailing is --- hands down --- the toughest sport on earth. GOD DAMN basketball, football and all those other men playing with their balls. They're teams of milk-fed pussies in comparison!

Here's an interview of Knox-Johnston last year before he departed on this latest race:

He's my new hero. It's a shame that few people will know who he is...
Hemingway vs Johnston in a battle of staves to the death....who wins?
Amen brother - I can't think of a greater opponenet than ol' muthuh nature. Sailors are a special breed. (Does living on a boat count?)
Shrubs: That's a tough call. I think Johnston would win on the endurance at sea front, but Hemingway would win in a drinking contest, hands down.

Strathy: Wait, you live on a boat but never sail it? I don't believe you.
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