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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring means giving away your old leftie books to swarms of pedestrians.

Today I set 150 unwanted old books on my front stoop and within four hours they'd been picked over and dwindled down to a few Noam Chomsky books and a foreign policy textbook from college 10 years ago.

The sidewalk in front of my apartment gets more foot traffic than most areas in the region so whenever I want to get rid of anything, public recirculation is as easy as setting it out front.

Today I chatted with two old lesbians about what they described as a "mind stretching" collection of books. The grey-haired one picked up a book titled Feminism & Anarchism: A Reader, thrust her fist into the air, and said, "YESSSS".

One other guy came along and said, "Wow, you don't usually see these types of books. Kropotkin and anarchism, eh?" I responded, "Yea, I used to be an anarchist. Now I'm a capitalist."
Obviously you're not THAT much of a capitalist or you wouldn't be giving away books for free. Give yourself a little credit-- you still retain some of your youthful community spirit, just not all the dogma.
You should have warned me...I'm always looking for faded old Marxist theory books, now that Kultura Books has moved away. Idle Times is so hit and miss in that area...
Gifting is an important part of any progressive capitalist society. Spreading the wealth often creates more wealth for everyone. This isn't a zero sum game.
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