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Monday, March 12, 2007

Korea eats two types of food: octopus, and all those other animals from the sea.

I held a cold writhing octopus in my bare hand tonight.

I was strolling through an Anyang backstreet, and after photographing one of the many bubbling tanks of sea life in front of a restaurant, the owner came outside and thrust her hand into the water, fighting an eight-legged beast to the surface -- tentacles sucking the glass to fight surfacing. She had shoved her thumb into a flap in its head and gave me a big smile while it flung icy water through the air into my eye.

This is the restaurant owner's hand before she handed it to me:

Their suction cups glue onto your hands, leaving a fine slimy residue. The scent left on my hands reminded me of the beach during autumn as I was trying to rub them together to stay warm in the Korean winter air.

A few hours prior, I had had an amazing experience. And please understand that I'm not exaggerating when I say this: I had the best meal of my LIFE tonight. The first course was fatty tuna (Toro), which is like a work of art, in all its fat-marbled goodness. Koreans claim they invented sushi before the Japanese; I now believe them:

And the second course is what I refer to as the "shovel from the sea platter":

Then I walked it off, but I swear I did not visit this place. Going in alone would have pushed me over the edge into full douchebaggery:

It's bullshit that Japanese scientists JUST captured the giant squid; Koreans have been selling that shit on every other street corner since time immemorial:

That looks DELICIOUS. Awesome, dude.
My impression of Korea now is that they are obsessed with things that contain the word "pus" in them.

That tuna looks awesome, why can't we have that shit here?
Beautiful food. That tuna was amazing, and I think "shovel from the sea" is a damn good description of that heap of food. Nicer presentation than you would get with a shovel, though.
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