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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

People Who Like Winter Are Ice-Cold Devils.

Fuck people who love winter. FUCK 'EM.

The rest of us are holed up with rye whiskey, trolling craig's list for cheap firewood, and cursing our friends who like temperatures below 20 degrees.

Let's review this blog's three year history. Have you learned nothing? I don't have to annoy you with a rant against winter. My pictures prove that it sucks ass.

Here's what I did in Belize a year ago.

And for those who are too lazy to click, the first photo I took is an environment people were built to live in:

Contrast that with the mid-atlantic region in February:

People who love winter make me angry. Every time I use a squat toilet in 105-degree Burma two weeks from now, I'll be thinking of your god damned FACES --- hot shit on your skin, you cold-blooded bastards.
And every time I catch a beautiful snowflake on my tongue, I will think of you in Burma, squatting over a . . . wait a minute.

never mind.
Just because your skinny ass cannot take it. Would make any difference if you were on a sail boat at those temps?
Winter is not good or bad - its just different.
You better Run for the southern border cause your going to be a Snowman on Tuseday!
I like it when it snows. I just hate that half-ass component of winter where it's cold and grey.
So you like Snow, but hate the winter? I believe that is the definition of Irony?
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