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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Photos from Belize!


Clouds, sky, water ... Yea.

There are a hundred of these boats on the beach.

Fishing the reefs and mangroves off the Cayes of Belize.

The is the First Mate on the boat, "Pits". His job was to keep all the hooks baited and to bludgeon the living shit out of the fish that we caught. Usually, the barracuda would get close, and just give up after seeing Pits on the boat.

One of the wily barracudas we caught.

This was the barracuda that I ate as a second dinner.

You won't see me too much happier than this.

A gar will fuck you up.

Some conch fishermen we met out fishing.

This was the popular bar next to "the split", a place where a hurricane chopped the island in two back in the 80s.

Katie found this giant sea slug while snorkeling next to the Lazy Lizard Bar and Grill.

Just hanging out on an abandoned jeep.

Katie, Barb and Darrel. Darrel is Belizean and showed us around the island for the last half of the trip.

There are so many diving outfits on the island.

Toward the end of the trip, we went to the dump to look for saltwater crocodiles. Didn't spot any, but I made sure I had a club anyway.
Great pics - that one of you next to the trash heap is probably one of the funniest pictures I have ever seen on your blog.
Great photos. Can you eat the sea slug? Looks a bit like a meatloaf, or maybe banana bread.
Those are amazing!
Actually those are not true Gar, They are in the needlefish family, Strongyluridae. Gar Are similar in shape and design but vastly different genetically, I'll try and catch some during the sail trip, at least the samll chesapeake version.
Leiostomus xanthurus,

Very interesting indeed ...

They guys told me that "only the Chinese people eat them". Pretty funny.
Probrably because they are real boney, I have eaten them before they are rather plain, at least the way I cook.
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