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Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Guide to Parking in my Neighborhood

Once, some friends and I were hanging out on my front stoop and counted how long any parking space would stay empty. No one counted past ten seconds. My neighborhood has the worst parking situation in the District, so if you decide to visit me, here's a short guide on parking here.
Disclaimer: Normally, a blog post about parking is as lame as a blog post about writer's block. However, I am exempt from that since the parking situation in my neighborhood is so unique.
What's your take on alley parking at the end of your row.
Double parking in the alley is essential. The police won't do anything to you even if you leave your car there for two hours with your hazard lights on.

However, once, someone threw eggs on my car for doing that.
Your wife's name is PARKER, so of course you know where to park!
I'm with ya completly. if only I didnt hate DC cabs more than I hate parking. I'd rather pay the ticket vs a jacked up fare to one of those jerkies!
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