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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I don't care what anyone thinks---Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream is awesome.

Simply put, this album changed the way I play guitar. Before Siamese Dream, I never knew that you could play guitar with octave notes alone. And feedback. What guitar nerd who learned to play in the 1990s can say they knew how to make their guitar scream without this album?

And I'd like to call bullshit on all those who think Gish is a better album than Siamese Dream. It's not. People who said Gish was better just said that because they wanted to prove that they liked Smashing Pumpkins before anyone else did. Nonsense.

I've zoned out a million times to Siamese Dream. I'd be a different person without that album. Hell, I even play Cherub Rock on my acoustic. That's the true proof of whether a riff or a song is high quality. Take Zepplin. You're not a fan until you've played Black Dog on your hollow body.

I used to be friends with this asshole frat guy in college who played bass. He would make me be completely silent while listening to Silverfuck in his dormroom. We'd sit through the entire quiet part. Then, when the wall of sound rang home nine minutes into the song---even though I had almost nothing in common with him otherwise---we had a unique friend moment. Just a moment. (Let the gay jokes commence.)

Anyway, if you had the misfortune of not growing up with Siamese Dream, I suggest you purchase it now on Amazon. It'll change the way you play guitar, at least.
I'm calling bullshit on your bullshit call. Gish is moodier and less overproduced. Siamese Dream is great, but Gish is better.
Nah, I agree with LB. I also think Adore is a grossly underrated album. It came so late in their catalog that a lot of long time fans dismissed it. It's fucking awesome.
Nah, you're all wrong, dudes. Fuckin' Stone Temple Pilot's "Core" album is where it's at. Ya'll got to recognize the music of the streets, straight trippin, niggles. Plush, Sour Girl... the hits keep on coming. P.S. No good music was made during the 90's. Except maybe "Pocketful of Kryptonite."
"No good music was made during the 90's." - That's only a comment that would be made by a g'damn Williamsburg hipster ... not to be taken seriously, folks.
The '90s saved popular music.
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