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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

DC's Black Israelites Are Crazed Racists. Who Knew!

For weeks I've read about David Klavitter's futile struggle to get a gang of manic street preachers on his corner to simply Shut The Fuck Up. And I was amazed that he would devote an entire blog to it (Actually, his blog aims to have them stop using the amplifier, not to stifle free speech). So to get the lowdown for myself, I took a trip to the corner of 8th and H Street in Northeast on Saturday afternoon to meet the fine gentlemen who claim David's block for themselves every Saturday.

After parking my car and taking a look around, I felt like I was in a different city. Remember, I live in Adams Morgan, where the biggest concern is whether a luxury grocery store (Harris Teeter) should open, or the local flower shop will be closed from "gentrification", and have to relocate one block away. These trifling issues are a world apart from 8th and H Street Northeast. Simply put, people down there are really poor, and they're invisible to many of our city's residents. Amidst the swirl of people and cars is a gaggle of hate-mongering "Black Israelites", ranting into a microphone.

David Klavitter has been reluctant to publish what, exactly, these men rant about; instead, he focuses on the issue of amplified speech and the law. But I have no need for diplomacy. Here are some of the things I heard from the sermons on David's corner. Remember, I'm just writing what they said:

All this, and they call everyone around them "the N word" in the most malicious way. And their accurate historical chart was very helpful for me, too:

These men have hatred in their hearts and it blasts out of an amplifier on a corner in our city every week. How is this not hate speech? It's remarkable what goes on in the poorer parts of Your Nation's Capital that few people seem to notice or mention.

When is a hate speech a hate crime?
I dare you come down and say that to my FACE, MUTHA FUKKA!!!
(I'm saying it should be)

Wow. I had no idea about the exact geographic placement of the 12 tribes. I am now a bit more enlightened.
I recently moved to Trinidad about a year ago and I was very much surprised that they are allowed to scream racist and hateful messages on the street. I commend the neighbors who have to live with this craziness and hope that it is resolved soon.

On a side note, that chart showing the Tribes of Israel is the most ignorant, non-historical piece of bullshit that I have ever seen.

It is amazing the amount of truly racist shit that is considered fine for them to say. What I always think about is if you replaced their words "white" with "black", how horrible and taboo it would be.

But, of course, it's ok for poor people to be racists, right?
Racism and hate are not illegal, so the neighborhood is focused on the amplified noise.

My guess is these fellows will be around on Saturdays at H and 8th NE for some time--even without amplfier--if the noise law if fixed. This same group also assembles every Friday on the corner of 12 and G Streets NW, outside the Metro Center entrance.
If you're interested in the doctrines of these Black Hebrew Israelites (who started in New York), here are some articles which critically examine some of their beliefs:
[Examines their Biblical exegesis pertaining to race relations.]
[Examines their views on the Hebrew language.]
[Related to the first article above, this examines their interpetation of Jeremiah 14:2].

They also endorse a King-James-only approach (i.e. they claim the KJV is the only trustworthy translation), and a discussion on that subject (with some Israelites attempting to take part) can be found here:

If anyone wishes to e-mail me, I can be reached at

I'm an Yisraelite of color. We believe in Yshua's return. The chart may be accurate, but the race card I don't play. Whether their awaiting YHWH'S second or first return; we're all Messianic. It's ashamed when people are ignorant to the fact that Muslims have the same father as us. Their Hebrew Muslims and we're Hebrew Israelites(Muslims or Israelites for short) because our father is Avraham/Abraham. We're scattered in Christianity, every race and religion until YHWH returns and rectifies things. America is a warring and bully nation. Ishmael has it's princes and Israel has it's King. No one will obtain the land until Messiah returns(REVELATION 21). This racism will get worse; mostly by the hands of the ignorant or stupid. They should allow the true Qadosh Ruach of YHWH to teach them. amein & Shalom.

thoses israelites know what there talking about if your of the gentiles i can see why your mad

but i think there tru the bible says the wicked will go against the right... isnt that whats happening here?
One of the things that I am aware of the Black Isrealites is that they are usually very young...and are in search of order in the chaos of their lives. Do I agree with their message, absolutely no...but I must say that I understand them (I am from NYC) they are honestly harmless, yes their speech is ruff and harsh, but they do not hurt anyone unless you step to them...Also people need to understand their are many sects of the (HI)its like Christianity or other religions all come in one name but there are different spinoffs/offshoots. I have a few friends who are HI and they are not screaming in the streets & pressing info like that. Anyway, really look at the young men, they are angry and they need to be angry with something without looking at themselves, which is really where it stems from. Its so much easier to be angry at someone/thing other than yourself, it requires less work.
I'm just trying to get my own meaning of the Bible and what GOD is trying to say to me through how I intrepret it! People are so quick to say "no what you're saying is wrong. GOD didn't mean that!" But, they don't bring facts to the table to prove why I'm wrong or why you're wrong. Also, We so called "black people, african americans, coloreds, negro's, N's or whatever will be the next label we're given; we are so quick to condemn our own people. We're the only race of people in this world that doesn't stick together. We'd rather laugh at each other while we're down on the ground. We hate to help another of our brothers or sisters cause we're scared they're going to get ahead of us in life. We are easy to follow every other race of people's ways and suggestions but always find a way to talk bad about OUR people that are not afraid to speak what they believe and how they feel. NO ONE knows or can interpret the Bible and tell me "this is exactly what GOD meant or JESUS meant when they said..." We are all on this journey in life to figure out what they meant then and what they mean now! How many of us hang or have hung a picture of a blond hair/blue eyed man in our homes and call that jesus? How many of us go to church and believe everything these pastors,bishops, preachers, popes, cardinals or whatever say without questioning 1 thing? No one knows what JESUS looked like. No one that ever recorded it has said what JESUS looks like. Paul says he looked at JESUS and the light was too bright to see. He saw JESUS from behind and noticed hair the texture of WOOL and feet that looked like they were burnt, like Brass. Nothing else is ever mentioned in any Bible that clearly states that JESUS is a white man with long flowing hair and blue eyes... But, people have told us to believe this from childhood and a lot of our people believe it without questioning it. But, here you have a group that believes something totally different. They talk about things that a lot of people don't want to believe. So, they get people angry and upset that they say these things. People want to see them jailed for the things they say. People want to have the police stop them from saying things that they don't agree with. Well, guess what? JESUS also preached to people on the street. He also said many times that he was here not to change God Law but to fulfill it. He also said things that got people angry. God also spoke of hate in the Bible. GOD loves his people and followers but hated his enemys and those that choose not to follow CHRIST. GOD speaks hate in the Bible. "As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated." (Romans 9:13). Some people will say "As it was written? What did GOD mean. Well, Let us read in Malachi 1:1-3: "The burden of the word of the Lord to Israel by Malachi. I have loved you, saith the LORD. Yet ye say, wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the LORD: yet I loved Jacob. And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains waste for the dragons of the wilderness of the wilderness." Actually, read Malachi completely and other chapters in the Bible and you will read GOD speak of hate. So, these Black Isrealites are right when they say that GOD does NOT love all people. Are they right in everything they say? I don't think so. But, at least they are willing to stand up for what they believe and are able to spark some gears in your head to read and get an understanding of it for yourself! At least they are willing to defend what they are saying. You can tell they have studied and come to a conclusion as to their meaning of what is being said. This world is so screwed up already with people that just follow everything these authority figures say and don't question a thing. We are the most hated country right now in the world for that reason. If you think they are wrong or hate what they are saying, do 1 of 2 things; challenge them with your own facts, or ignore them...
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Anonymous says the chart is crap, yet doesn't offer anything to show why???
abukhamr says some things to show why what they say is wrong but, don't give much at saying what he/she feels is right? Why are people so ready to blast this group? I may not agree with everything they say but I don't disagree with it all either. NO ONE of us is 100% right or 100% wrong!Show me what you think is true rather than just saying why they are wrong... Noise Pollution Law? Laws are written to target particular groups. But, it only bothers us when it affects us. I don't agree with the amplified teaching they are doing and I don't agree with noise pollution laws either!!! I'm tired of these "politicians!" email me at
I am a black hebrew Isrealite from nyc. Be leary of some of these groups.They teach some truth and lies blended together in my early 20s I joined one of these groups. These men were povety pimps ripping off people in there group. Most were thugs and it came out that they were dealing drugs. One so called high priest name yashia drove a rolls royce while we starved.A fucking rolls royce. Also some were fed agents and the ones that had the truth got scared and started teaching bullshit when the illuminanti step to them. This was the sect that headquaters was one west 125th street in harlem. When I saw the truth what was going on and interview the brothers I left. So look before you leap.
wow...I wasnt aware that 2 parents could have 12 sons that were all completely different races! amazing to me. I gues these guys missed the scripture that says we're all one in Christ Jesus.
The chart is true: but the doctrine they speak of isn't. Please someone read Romans Chapter 10 verse 2, and 3. Then read Romans chapt9 verse 4-6, just remember the book has the answers that we need. Shalom
am i glad that i'm a secular progressive huminist athiest
all the people who took part in the enslavement of the seeds of Adam will pay for what they have done to the pure races of the earth, the sooner they realize these the more they will realise that the extent of the black man's anger is at its low levels. its only the begining, trust me. hail the HI hail!
I'm glad you guys put the tribes up there because I had no idea NOW..... the Black Israelites is a CULT!!!!! How do I know? Word of mouth NO, books and hear say NO, and just out of anger NO. My mother lived in Israel as a teenager and my sisters were born there. They have an area in Dimona, Israel and the rules are there are CRAZY, they shave heads, kill people for little things like arguing or disagreeing with their so called leaders that they worship like a good and they also have it instlled in you that whites are evil. I'm american born black white and indian and I'm glad I was subjected to the brainwashing of the cult. Those people think they're the chosen ones well lets just see if they track their generations and find out who they really came from. Better yet let's just see how many of them burn in hell when the time comes. I have relatives still wrapped up in that CRAP and all it is for weak minded people who "just wanna belong".
That chart is so full of crap. You have little to no understanding of the diaspora. Ive read your organization's claims about all of the historical figures that are "actually" people of color and -#1 for the most part the claims are ridiculous, #2- who the heck cares you are obviously the ones obsessed with race. And duh, obviously Jesus wasn't white. He was a 1st cent. Palestinian Jew. Your understanding of world history and geographical migration of people groups is a fairy tale, and frankly an insult to people who are actually real historians, with degrees and research. But I guess those are white degrees so they don't count. Man, maybe I should tear both of mine up and join you guys. Your position is so off the wall that it doesn't even warrant historical debate.
Vincent, offer one cent of proof that the chart IS true. It's the first rule of rational thought - something you HIs need to work on.
It makes sense that the black race, which is looked down upon by all the other races, is God's chosen. Of course you whitey's won't believe it because you think you are superior to blacks.
I live in NYC and I see these negrows all the time. They are nothing but a bunch of angry, violent, bitter, misogynistic unemployed, drug dealing ex-convicts who pimp the black community for money. I usually just avoid them whenever I see them loitering a street corner.
They are preaching the truth
As an African American, these people make me ashamed and I definitly do all that I can to separate myself from other blacks like these as much as I can. I won't try to judge or act as if I have them "figured out" as to why they are so angry and racist ( and yes blacks can be and there are too many blacks who are indeed racists. Racism is an emotion and it does not require power, wealth or social position to be a racist so all of you "blacks cannot be racists because we don't have power" "people" are wrong and foolish. There are just as many racist, bigoted, prejudice, hateful ignorant blacks as any other race in this country and they are just as wrong as everyone else)

What gets me is they have tried to convince themselves that they are true descendants of the Israelites (Hebrews) and yet they cannot biblically nor genetically nor historically back up that claim. When you challenge that claim, their only response is "can you prove it is wrong?" Right there on the spot and if you cannot site within a milli second the proof then you are wrong. They cannot prove it, even though history and genetics has proven them wrong. IDK, I'd say ignore them.
"if you cannot site "

I'm sorry I meant cite. Carry on...
For surly our fathers have inherited lies.

Just because some one is an Historian, and have a ton of degrees don't make them a bite more right then these religious nuts, I believe every one is entitle to their belief's, is this not America are we not a free nation who believes in religious freedom? And what make there remarks so racist, there are still twelve missing tribes of Isreal, Who's to say they are not one of them, yes some of the stuff they say are out right crazy, but they do provide you with biblical proof, as in scripture text to state their claim, What have some of you done but complain? I don't see anyone who can dispute their claim, all I hear are complaints about how they are wrong, if they are show them they are wrong by providing them with research, in which I had the opportunity to talk to one of these men and they have done a a lot of research... If you think they are wrong, show them otherwise shut-up!

All I know is that the Bible if read with the understanding of YAH will be a lamp unto ones feet. He only reveal himself to his prophets and those who truly seek him to worship him in truth and spirit. But Most want to use the word for Lucra and gain and that is why there is so much division amongst the Christian churches because they don't have his true understanding...
My question to all of you is what make these men so wrong? Is it because they are black saying they are Jews, or are you racist... Search your heart...I don't get mad at any one who claiming they are Jews, be it Asian, Hispanic, Africans, or otherwise...... I think most on here are hiding behind their own racial hatred! Search yourself, and know thyself, what are your reason for hating them other than you be the one with the hate, hate reflect hate...I see them, I hear them and I walk on by.... they don't make me angry because I know the truth. Folks who are not set free by the truth get mad over simple things. What shall offend you next, Most people are often offended by the truth, if it was a lie the world can indeed receive that because the world was built on lies.
black people have been lied to for years and we r villified for speaking about the lies and the people who have been pushing the lies for centuries. Please if more black people would stand up and denounce the lies with the BIBLE the better off we would be as a whole. We would rather hurt another black person than tell the racist white person he or she have been monsters to the blacks in this society and the world.
Hello everyone on this blog. I would like to start off by say i Also am a black israelite and where Im from we dont teach hatred. those Brothers have forgotten gods word The lord told israel what would happen to them. read this jeremiah25v1-14 now israel problem is not with the white man it with god we broke his law jeremiah :27v1-8 and he cast sentence on us read about titus in 70ad
Lonnie Bruner you are a devil bitch. And you are going to be put to death. And when the most high returns and we get to fucking you devils up. I"m going to come all the way to d.c. and rip your fucking head off you devil bitch. Now say something about that you cocksucker
Mom? Is that you?
So that chart is crap?
Well, than you say that the ones who wrote it in a old book (a white man) was wrong?
HE himself transported the Israelites to America!
They knew who was who and splitted all the 12 tribes so each tribe lived with their own tribe.

Thats why they know who lives where.
So that chart is crap?
Well, than you say that the ones who wrote it in a old book (a white man) was wrong?
HE himself transported the Israelites to America!
They knew who was who and splitted all the 12 tribes so each tribe lived with their own tribe.

Thats why they know who lives where.
Watch the 12 tribes breakdown at Youtube (at/from the channel DOC12).

The channel Nathanyel7 is a great information channel, watch Hollywood knows the truth part 2, watch the arab-israeli conflict and many many more videos!

Just keep the bible in your hand and read the same verses in jour bible while you listen to what they say.
Watch the 12 tribes breakdown at Youtube (at/from the channel DOC12).

The channel Nathanyel7 is a great information channel, watch Hollywood knows the truth part 2, watch the arab-israeli conflict and many many more videos!

Just keep the bible in your hand and read the same verses in jour bible while you listen to what they say.
Revelations 3:9
Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
How do these Black Hebrews know they are the real jews? The scripture that i provided above could easily apply to them. I wouldn't call myself a jew without knowing it for a fact. The black hebrew israelites are the devils for claiming to be jews when there is no way to know for sure.
These so called black Israelites talk about how god hates whites and that jesus was black I think they need to read their history more 1 israelites are jewish and don't read the bible so why are they using it for their arguments. 2 israelites crucified jesus because he claimed he was the son of GOD and they didn't think he was so why are they even arguing wheather he is white black brown purple green or blue if they don't even believe in him.It seems to me they are not just racists frauds but racists frauds who are stupid and don't do research on their own so called religion before they speak.
I like turtles!
I've heard these rants in person, I use to live in co heights, and then I'd see them in Chinatown. They hate arabs, muslims, whites, white Jews, non-messianic Jews, gays, lesbians, Christians (white or black) just about everyone.... I don't care what the hell you believe but why the hell you gotta preach it on the steer corners and on soap boxes. This has nothing to do with the bible, this has to do with hate speech and yeah it's protected but it doesn't mean I can't say something about how vile it is!
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