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Sunday, January 29, 2006

An Honor and Privilege

Tonight, my wife and I helped Frank and his wife select the postsecrets for this week's edition. The four of us began with a large cardboard box of a week's worth of postcards---likely over 600. We sat at a table, separating our favorites from the rest, and went through the highly selective process of choosing the final 23. At one point I asked Frank, "So how often do you have people help you with this?" He responded, "You're the first". I hadn't realized what a privilege it was.

Here are my thoughts, bullet-pointed for short attention spans.
I chose this postcard:

The pulling hairs out of the body was fine. The eating them has me coughing uncomfortably.
Wow . . . that's a hell of a story. I'm surprised (I suppose and also not so surprised) that people send in invective psychotic shit about torturing animals.

And . . . uhm . . . mailing blood can't be legal!
My secret is:

When I was a boy growing in Kansas, I violated a sheep. We fell in love and were briefly engaged before she broke it off. "Ewe bitch!" I scolded her.

My name is R. Hilton.
I'm so jealous. I love postsecret. I was very disappointed not to make it to the exhibition. Damn job ruins everything.

Do you think the guy eats the hairs one by one or piles them up and goes for a big mouthful all at one time?
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