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Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm not running unless someone's chasing me.

On my average walk around the block, I'll be passed by at least five people in tights, t-shirts and ipods---speeding by on foot. I am not one of those people. In fact, I don't plan on doing any running, ever, unless I'm being chased by someone who's trying to hurt me. Sidewalks are meant to be walked upon, not ran upon. Especially in the city.

Runners always look silly to me. I'm sure there was a time in history when jogging was simply not done and would've been considered an oddity. Picture New York City in 1947. The streets, the people going places, the sounds, the smells. Now picture someone just running around amongst the people, merely for the sake of running around. That fool would have been laughed at---fucking running around past all those folks walking to their places of business or pleasure. It would've been a spectacle. I say we return to that: where running around for the sake of running around is subject to public ridicule. That's my kind of society.
Are you baiting me? I got into running a little in early college, then quit. I tried again off and on over the years and just loathed it. So boring. But something clicked about four years ago and I got back into it. The real catch was getting over the intial hurddle of only being able to go about ten minutes without keeling over. Now I go for an hour each time, a total of about 30 miles a week... and I do it because I feel so good after. It's really a weird chemical rush. It energizes me. It's also a great chance to let my mind wander and listen to tunes. But mostly I just like how it makes me feel after. Often I'll force myself to go just because I can feel my mind starting to go a little loopy on me and I know that the rush of endorphins after a run will level all that crazy shit out.

So lighten up, Frances.

And yeah, running didn't take off until the '70s.
Ha! HP took it hook, line and sinker!
That's what I always say, "I'm not running unless someone's chasing me." I mean really. I agree with your post. I enjoy watching the runners come up to a stop light, and then run in place. It's great!

Perhaps secretly I'm jealous, because I'm not that active.... Hm....
Damon, you're going to die of heart disease by the time you're 40 unless you get some excercise.

However, I do agree that people who run on crowded city streets are jackasses.
Get half naked and jump in a pool.

Running is lame and too easy. Swimmers use all their muscles at once and can't breath whenever they want to.
Yo, greggers, I ride the bike to work every day in the summer so you best STFU.
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