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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Most Expensive T-Shirt I've Ever Owned

I am not a jock. I've never liked sports. I'm usually the quiet one in the room when people are talking about football. I've never been "tailgating"---hell, I didn't even know what it was until about three years ago. But I am absolutely hooked on one sports competition and one only: the Volvo Ocean Race.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the above t-shirt. My lovely wife ordered it for me way back in November---two months ago. It finally arrived yesterday. With shipping and handling and currency conversions (from the Euro) this shirt totals almost $60. And my lady was so proud and happy that she thought of such a wonderful gift for me. Didn't think twice about it. Just plunked down the credit card number and waited, waited.

And here it is. Proof that I may be a jock after all.
As as fellow non-jock I'm going to say tailgating has nothing to do with sports but has a lot more to do with having a cookout in a parking lot. Tailgating doesn't make you a jock, cheering for either team at the event does.
Jocks and fans are different. Jocks play and fans cheer. The crossover is more likely, but many people would never consider me a jock even though they know I bleed burgundy and gold. (Redskins)

That T-shirt rocks. My wife thought of it for Xmas but the international hassle (plus 60 bucks) diverted her attention to other gifts. Kudos to your wifey.
That's a pretty cool tshirt.

Aren't Jocks from Scotland?
Ok, I should have said, "sports fan". Thanks for the clarification. Got my terms mixed up ...
What is a Scottish Jock?
that's not that expensive, i got this armani t-shirt and it was about 170 dollars with shipping and stuff from italy
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