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Monday, January 16, 2006

Globules of Spit in the Eye of The New York Smoking Ban

Just got back from a bar-and-friend-hopping weekend in New York. I went to about four different bars and at two of them, people were smoking quite a bit, indoors. Not sure of all the details about how they're getting around the ban, but in a certain bar, one block from the East River, every single person (including me) was smoking Marlboros, ashing in a single miniature Dixie cup half full of brown water. (Mmm, tasty!) The rumor is that after a certain time of night, the inspectors stop making their rounds so if the bartender lights up, everyone else follows suit.

There are fissures in the Almighty New York City Smoking Ban. They've now inspired me to wield my tobacco-laced pickax to form some cracks in the DC ban. Watch out, health-fascists!
My memory is foggy, but didn't you quit drinking at some point this year?

Not that I care, drink 'em if ya got 'em.

There's always a way around the California, you just ask where the "locals" sit-that's where the smokers are.

It's really sad that I know this.
Here's some catch-up for you.
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