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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Halfway Between Africa & Australia

This video (14 MB) is breathtaking. It was taken yesterday on board the sailing yacht, ABN AMRO ONE, in the Volvo round-the-world race. The boat is flying along at about 20 knots (23 MPH)or so and is being pummeled by ice-cold antarctic waves, which at times cover the entire deck.

Their crew of eleven is trying to complete the 6,100 mile distance from Cape Town, South Africa to Melbourne, Australia. Mind you, there is absolutely NOTHING in that god-forsaken part of the earth except a few lonely albatrosses, icy-mean winds, green mountain-like waves and menacing icebergs---some submerged just below the surface.

It's amazing that they can transmit these near-live videos for me to see, while sick, sitting at my computer in my heated apartment. I'm officially having an 'internet-is-so-amazing' moment, while at the same time feeling like a milk-fed pussy. Bear with me.
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