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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Listen-to-My-Problems Meme

This is inspired by Mr. Happy Pants' list (warning: disturbing image).

As HP said, "I was stunned and saddened to read this morning of a 14 year old girl in Haiti who had a 16 pound tumor growing on her face. It got me to thinking about what my own problems are at the moment. Here are my top ten:"

10. Gave the dogs their heart worm medicine a couple days late this month.
9. Feeling some cabin fever these days.
8. Wanted to book a beach house on Caye Caulker near Belize for February, but nothing's available!
7. The beard is getting a little itchy. Feeling like I should shave soon.
6. Running low of firewood. Gotta get out to Maryland to get some more.
5. The wife keeps getting $25 parking tickets. It's going on two per month!
4. Feeling a little fat these days.
3. Dogs pissed on the comforter. Don't have a large enough washing machine to clean it.
2. Haven't seen the TV remote for a month. Hopefully it wasn't stuck in the couch I just sold.
1. Favorite jeans have holes in the crotch. I'll probably have to toss them out soon.
You didn't mention your hemorrhoids, which are a problem for both of us.
I can't believe you haven't killed yourself yet.
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