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Monday, January 09, 2006

Strangely, no term for "female douchebag" exists.

(Fig. 1: North American Douchebag)

A douchebag is a guy who doesn't fully qualify as an asshole so he fits into a category that's a few clicks below it. In fact, the douchebag may secretly want to be an asshole but can't squeeze himself out of the light blue collared shirts, khaki pants and unsuccessful hitting on girls to meet the requirements. (Urban Dictionary will give you a better idea).

Which brings me to my point: there is no such term describing a female douchebag. Not that we would call her a name that refers to something designed to flush out a vagina, but no alternate term exists and it's sorely needed. In our lexicon, asshole is equivalent to bitch, but I'm not talking about bitches. I'm talking about fake-ass pretentious fucks who inspire eye-rolling on the part of observers and who do not have a penises.

I propose the word "tryhard" as the female equivalent of a douchebag. A douchebag dude is certainly someone who tries WAY too hard, fails miserably at it, and has no clue. So that's it! I'll be using the term "tryhard" weekly from now on. You'll thank me one day.
I thought "dumb cunt" pretty much encapsulated the sentiment.
Congrats: you're the first to use the c word on my blog.
It's an honor.
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