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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Cigarettes are like Hot Pockets.

For New Year's, I decided to be classy and buy a pack of Dunhill Lights. They're so fancy, that within the box, each set of 10 smokes is foil-wrapped individually so the remaining 10 don't get stale while you're smoking the first 10. Get it? But this doesn't prevent the similar feeling that I get after I smoke a cigarette or eat a Hot Pocket.

After indulging in these two vices, it's extremely rare that I think to myself, "I'm really glad I did that." It's always the same 10-minute feeling like someone magically shoved a small load of garbage into my gut and it needs time to rot and melt away before I feel better.

So that's it. I'm giving up cigarettes and Hot Pockets for good. After every activity I do, I should be able to think to myself, "I'm really glad I did that." That's my new rule.
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