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Thursday, December 22, 2005

From the bottom of Hitchens' cold, curmudgeonly heart...

It wouldn't be Christmas without at least one anti-Christmas rant from Chris Hitchens. Here're a few choice bits from his recent Slate article:

"On all media and in all newspapers, endless invocations of the same repetitive theme. In all public places, from train stations to department stores, an insistent din of identical propaganda and identical music. The collectivization of gaiety and the compulsory infliction of joy. Time wasted on foolishness at one's children's schools ..."
"The Fox News campaign against Wal-Mart and other outlets—whose observance of the official feast-day is otherwise fanatical and punctilious to a degree, but a degree that falls short of unswerving orthodoxy—is one of the most sinister as well as one of the most laughable campaigns on record. If these dolts knew anything about the real Protestant tradition, they would know that it was exactly this paganism and corruption that led Oliver Cromwell—my own favorite Protestant fundamentalist—to ban the celebration of Christmas altogether."
And his last line is the kicker. Referring to religious people, he ends with, "God damn them everyone."

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