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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Black Eyed Peas are the biggest douchebags on earth.

Long before Slate did a wonderful article on how horrible this monstrosity of a band is, I have hated these poor-man's-No-Doubt fuckwads. It's not surprising that the BEPs yield more than 10 pages when you do a google search on "Black Eyed Peas" + "Douchebags". It's self evident that the song "Humps" is One of the Worst Songs in the World so no need to go into it here. Actually, much more text devoted to these pieces of human garbage would further pollute the world. Why the fuck can't these types of bands just stay the fuck in fake-ass California and never leave? And one last thing: anyone who likes the BEPs (EXCEPT JIM W.) is also a double D douchebag. I won't change my mind so don't try and convince me otherwise.
I'm willing to bet the BEPs popularity is directly proportional to the tone of singer Fergie's abs.
Thanks for the douchebag exemption. Yes, the hump song is annoying. But "Let's get retarded" is a fun, catchy pop song. I bet you liked it too when it first came out! Admit it!
I will hate all songs by the BEPs even when worms are eating my eyeballs in the grave. Believe.
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