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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

538 Photos of My Vacation

It's going to take a lot to get me through another DC winter so below I've posted all 538 photos I took on vacation. When I'm pushing close to the edge, I'll look at these and be able to live another day until my sailing trip in May '06.

That's a brilliant way to post pictures. What'd you use to get the slideframe stuff?
Thanks Mass! We really should hang out some time.

On the Macintosh you hold down three buttons to take a "picture" of everything that exists on your screen: Apple key + Shift + the numeral 3. It takes a photo and converts it to an adobe doc. Then you cut it in Photoshop. Sounds complicated, but it's really quite easy.
Pretty cool, although I'm no longer a mac user (more to do with my work than my personal choice...). I don't do a whole lot of hanging out unfortunately (think about that before you decide about kids), and what hanging out I do is generally at their whim. However, I'm generally found around the neighborhood with my son running about twenty yards ahead of me. He scares other people because he runs right up to a corner and stops pretty much on the curb.
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