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Monday, November 21, 2005

A Few Things I've Learned About Argentina

- They like antiques. Not all cultures have an obsession for ancient things like these people. I've heard that you can't even find antique shops in places like Japan unless you go to a museum. Not so with Argentina. We went to a gi-normous outdoor/indoor market with lots of old relics like the 1920s seltzer bottles pictured above.

- They don't like George Bush. "Argentinos" certainly have no problem with people from the USA (phew), but several people have made it clear that W is "el diablo", as one older cab driver put it.

- They sometimes liken their country to the USA. This has happened twice since we've been here. I think it may be some sort of pride in how well they live compared to the other countries in this region.

- A currency devaluation does not mean the economy is bad. The only other country in South America I've been to was Peru, and believe me, this is NO Peru. This place feels like Europe. There are almost zero beggers or homeless people, unlike much of the rest of this continent.

- Cranberry juice does not exist south of the equator. Don't even think you're going to prepare cosmopolitans for your friends if you come here. BWOCJ in Argentina.

- They love dogs. There are dog walkers everywhere walking 15 to 20 dogs at one time. I'm not exagerrating. This is a significant feat, and I mean that from a dog owner's standpoint.

- If you order steak, that's all you'll get. See below:
No taters er nuthin'?


I missed it by 2 days...
If it helps, I also forgot my brother's birthday (same day as yours). I just now realized both.
I'll be sure to be wary of getting UTIs in Argentina then.

happy birthday!
happy bday, dmac
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