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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Evolved for a Suburban Living Room

Humans are animals. We're products of evolution as much as the giraffe and the coelacanth. Designed by millions of years of evolution to use our brains to cope with the enviroment around us, all humans should be adapted to combat some of the harshest assaults on our bodies and intellects the earth can throw at us. That fact is the reason why I am constantly nonplussed at the way many humans look.

More than 30% of the strangers I see every day look as though they have evolved directly to be able to merely survive in the environment of a suburban living room, office or automobile---but nothing else. Not to be cruel, but why the hell do so many people look like pure-bred doughy-ass, milk-fed pussies? How does evolution explain this? We're all products of nature, so why has nature created so many useless pieces of waddling flesh?

Like the bunny rabbit or the three-toed sloth, much of humanity makes absolutely no survivalist sense.
Evolutionist heathen!!

Evolutionist heathen!!

Intelligent design is not an idea, it's scientifically supported! How can you turn your back on God?

Just kidding. What idiot would follow that line of tripe? Maybe evolution turned us into the "model" of what we are, and the cheese curls turn us into the grabastic pieces of amphibious shit you see around you.

It's like a Bentley left out in the elements. It will turn into a worthless pile of rust in one human lifetime.
"Grabastic pieces of amphibious shit" ... I have a sneaking suspicion I know who this "anonymous" person is ... Full Metal Jacket boy.
Judging by your description, you must have seen me walking around town yesterday...
Goddammit! Another post directed at me!
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