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Monday, October 31, 2005

My Trip to Cambodia in 2003

I'm starting to get nostalgic about travel, pending my trip to Buenos Aires in two and a half weeks. Trying to get myself excited about leaving the plain ole normalcy of DC, I was browsing through some pictures of my last vacation abroad to Cambodia in 2003. Here're a few.

Neglected temple in the middle of nowhere.

They sell pizza topped with marijuana called "Ecstatic Pizza" or sometimes "Happy Pizza". Got me so high I forgot my name.

Thousand-year-old temple.

Live eels for sale.

Old land mine and mortar fragment, used as ashtrays at a bar.

I got this classy shot at a bar of two dudes dancing with prostitutes.

Roadside dentistry. Yes please!

There're a lot of Japanese tourists in Cambodia. Notice the sweet sense of style: string tie, fishing vest, mussed grey wig and crooked half-fade sunglasses. "Ladies, ladies, there's enough Mr. Koichi for everyone."
How is this post dated as Monday? Can I borrow that machine?
That looks like a boy scout bolo tie on Mr. Loichi. What's the deal with the wig, though? Is he in disguise?
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