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Monday, October 17, 2005

Just Saw Christopher Hitchens on my Sidewalk

Just saw Hitchens and---I think---his brother walk into a restaurant on the sidewalk in front of my apartment. I think this is significant, considering that they hadn't spoken to each other in like four years (Link).

Normally I wouldn't fawn over a celebrity enough to give them their own blog post, but I've been a fan of his during his leftist period and I stuck with him after his split. Plus, he just made the list of 100 top intellectuals. I remember seeing him pull out a pint of bourbon and take a swig during a book signing a few years ago in Baltimore. I was so impressed with his genuine brazenness.

And I said nothing to him tonight. I just walked by with my dogs and flip flops, staring like a huge dork.
From the title of the post, I thought you meant you saw him passed out on the sidewalk.

Reading his column in the Nation was one of my favorite weekly activities, but that's been a few years.
You didn't look like a dork, you gave him space. yea.
I would've kicked his ass.
Hey RL,

He woulda laid you out flat.

No doubt.
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