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Monday, October 10, 2005

Physical Recovery

I had a physical on Friday and have been trying to recover since. They injected my left shoulder with a shot of pure poison to protect me against something called "tetanus". God knows why they put something related to my anus into my shoulder, but I let them do it anyway.

This fucking tetris shot gave me a fever of 102 all Saturday. It took 'til Monday morning to feel slightly better. Now I remember why I haven't been to the doctor in ages. It was awkward when the doctor was nervous as hell because he had to give my twig and berries a feel, and how could I have known he'd inject some weird 16th century disease into my body?

Do I really need this bullshit? Unless I'm planning on jumping up and down on a bed of nails laced with horse manure, or digging ditches in the southeast Asian jungle, it seems fairly useless. What a wasted weekend. I'm never going to the doctor again unless I'm dying.
twig and berries!!

that's great.
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