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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dear All Those Who Wish to Detonate Loud Explosives in DC:

Please, please, give us some kind of warning when you light fireworks in our fair city. I mean, I expect to hear fireworks on July 4th or on New Year's Eve, but on October 1st? WTF? There was nothing mentioned all week about this bullshit.

When I'm sitting in my apartment and I hear huge reverberating explosions coming from downtown, and then see three (3) sets of emergency vehicles and firetrucks speed by my window with sirens screaming, why wouldn't I panic and think that our nation's capital is under attack? Plus, there was just a bomb attack in Bali, was there not?

For about 30 full minutes tonight I thought there was a real possibility that I could soon be breathing in deadly chemical toxins.

Then, I see on the news that there was some kind of Chinese new year festival going on downtown. Oops, forgot to tell you, sorry.

Thanks a lot.
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