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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Slippery Little Phalus

I've heard my friend Justin tell the story of extracting a vibrating dildo from his patient's large intestine, but it's even funnier in writing. Some choice bits:

"The circulator nurse had been quite close to the field, wanting to be one of the first people to witness the birth of the much talked about sex toy, so when the vibrator unexpectedly landed at her feet, she yelped something and jumped back. ... It was wet and slippery, and before we could grab it, the damn thing slid off the belly and onto the floor, where it bounced around like a fish out of water. ... We were all very lucky to be wearing masks, because although we were able to suppress outright laughter, grinning was irresistible. ... Finally she made a grab for it, but the slippery little phalus eluded her grasp, and immediately thudded to the floor again. At this point, the rest of us began calling out suggestions and taunts akin to a county pig wrestle." Read more...
This is hilarious. Another phalus story: I'm a med student, and I recently met a gentlman patient who has an penile implant from back in the day (before Viagra). Despite my usual professionalism, I was snickering inside when I interviewed the dude.
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