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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Buenos Aires for 11 Days

Just bought my plane tickets to Buenos Aires for my November trip. All I'm sayin' is fuck turkey. I'm gonna be eating the best steak on earth every night for like less than $7. (Side note: does anyone actually like Thanksgiving food?) I guess by now it's a little-known/well-known secret that BA is very inexpensive and classy. For example, below is the balcony and living room of a two bedroom apartment we're probably renting in BA (Palermo) with two other friends for $500 a week (I'll do the math: that's $17.80/person per night).

Other places available are here. You know how right wingers always say, "If you don't like the US, then leave."? I have a sneaking suspicion that that cliche will hit very close to home while we're in Argentina. (Side note: like Thanksgiving, does anyone actually like the USA? [feigned sarcasm]).

If you're planning on traveling by plane over the winter holidays, buy tickets now. Over half of the airlines are bankrupt so they ain't budging on price and at this point you'll have to fly all night just to take a short hop.
F*** turkey!! Buenos Aires sounds a hell of a lot better! Have fun!

As for T'day food, I don't eat birds, but I do [heart] stuffing, and I make a mean sweet potato/meringue casserole.
Lonnie, when I saw your comments on the Sept 24 pictures (all of them great) I thought you really were a guy who hated us, the crazies. Anyhow, you did not see the black woman with a hand made sign that said "No Iraqis left me to die on a roof" which was the best of the march (together with "Bush's exit strategy is the Rapture"). To make penance, I want to tell you about Buenos Aires, where I grew up, and which I adore. Watch out, it has gotten dangerous, but probably less than DC. You must take the colectivo 60 and go to San Isidro and visit the "quinta" (country house) of the founding father Pueyrredon. Nothing around Buenos Aires gives you a better idea of Latin American perfection. The 60 (or a little train that is expensive, however) will take you to the Tigre. Try to find somebody who will show you to a house there, but it is extraordinary anyhow, even by boat tour: the delta of the two great rivers (many mosquitoes, however). You should also go to Mataderos on the Sunday that they have the free "fiesta criolla" and drop by a "milonga" --place where the tango and obviously the milonga are danced by real provincial old-timers. The newspapers have a list of all the free ativities that go on. Sure, see the museum of Latin American Art, but also Quinquela Martin in la Boca. And try to visit the neighborhoods --Pompeya, Caballito, Flores, gentrified Palermo Viejo--after hearng Goyeneche ("el Polaco") sing "Sur" --on a record for he is dead,alas, but Adriana Varela isn't. And eat meat in smaller, non-tourist places. It's one of the great cities in the world. It will be very hot, but enjoy. Persico in Palermo has the best ice-creams ever. You casn always take the hovercraft and go to Montevideo (beach at Carrasco, or Malvin) or even better Punta del Este.
Thanks for the tips. So far I was just planning on using Lonely Planet.

As for my "crazies" comment, what can I say. I guess my tongue-in-cheek tone didn't come across very well. I love you guys.
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