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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hitchens vs. Galloway

Just listened to a debate between Chris Hitchens and some drunk Scottish guy named George Galloway who was intellectually inferior to Hitchens by no fewer than 25 fathoms. They were debating the war in Iraq (Hitchens for, Galloway against) and even though I'm against this war, their debate almost changed my mind.

Hitchens could debate the most intellectual heavy-hitters and win, but instead, they gave him some crazed Scottish street-ranter. Here's the gist of the two positions:

There's a lot to be proud of in Iraq, like the existence of 6 TV networks. Under Saddam your whole family would be murdered for owning one satellite dish. In addition, the explaining should not always be put on the pro-war crowd; the anti-war crowd has a lot of explaining to do for being against the outcome of various wars in recent years (ie, Yugoslavia, Kuwait, Afganistan). Plus, Saddam is locked up.

Hitchens has no right to be for this war because he used to be pro-PLO and anti-Gulf War I. He's a hypocrite. Plus, the Iraq war has killed a lot of people.

That was his only counter-attack to the Hitch.

Hey George Galloway, the Left is never gonna get anywhere with red herrings and ad hominem attacks, you fuck stick.
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