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Monday, September 12, 2005

My Life as a Teetotaler: Week One

I'm no stranger to a little hooch now and again ... and again and again, but last Sunday, the shit caught up with me. Or should I say, "came up outta me"---out of me, and all over the hotel room and my lovely wife's unpacked clothes. At first I blamed that simply-labeled bottle whose only design was three letters: G-I-N. But as sobriety set in I had only myself to blame.

That behavior got me banned from the sauce: I've gone cold turkey. I can honestly say that these seven days are the longest I've gone without alcohol in several years. On days three and four, there was some anxiety and I felt like the Burt Bacharach song, "I just don't know what to do with myself". But as the days moved on, I felt my mind becoming clearer, my thoughts sharper and my sleep sounder. Saturday and Sunday mornings were really strange because I actually woke up feeling good. The fact that I was surprised because I felt good on a weekend morning is very illuminating. How bad had it gotten that I was shocked at feeling normal? Bad. Pretty bad.

It's not to say I'll never drink again, but it's about time for a break.
Dude! Much respect for the teetotaling. Seriously, that takes guts. I'm impressed.
Moderation is the key to happiness. Or are you totally teeing?
I'm proud of you Bruner. You're handling it with the kind of wisdom and maturity it takes others a lifetime to attain.
I honestly do not think I am "The A Word", and I'm not "totally teeing" it. Just for the "foreseeable future" as my wife put it.

I'll know when the time is right to partake again but it's not going to be like before. I'm gonna be 32 in 2 months, for christ's sake.
I had to do this in grad school once. It's good to pace yourself in life.

convince your wife that every time you jones for a drink, you need a blowjob to alleviate that burning desire.
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