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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Silver Spring, Maryland: whatever random thing you want.

I just had to spend four hours in Silver Spring, MD waiting for my car to be repaired. I had no idea that place was so weird. In the time I was there, wandering from store to store, I saw the following saleable goods or services:

- A frozen package of four (4) giant water bugs.

- Wigs, painted nails and hair extensions. (There were about 15 stores like this.)

- Plane tickets to Buenos Aires.

- An assortment of fully automatic assault rifles and high powered handguns.

- This vinyl album:

(In the bottom left it says, "A BIG BAD BLACK BEDFUL OF FUN - FOR ADULTS ONLY)

- A $1410 couch.

- Tickets to this movie.

- Sheet music for most of the works of Bach & Mozart.

- A harmonica.

- A whole eel, frozen solid, like a cold stick.

Of all the above, I bought two. Guess which ones.
Album and the Tickets. Though I'd personally go for the eel. Sounds like a great wall ornament.
A wig and a handgun. the world would be at your mercy.
Album & harmonica.
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