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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

White Stripes Show

My saturation point for live music is exactly 60 minutes so it's saying a lot that I stayed at the White Stripes show for an hour and fifteen. (Thank you, Happy Pants, for the free tickets). White Stripes are the only band that breaks one of the fundamental requirements for a good rock band: you must first have a good drummer. It confounds me every time. How can that chick chop stick and sing off tune, yet contribute in large part to the most rockingest show I've seen all year? Listen to the show here.

As far as I could tell, Jack White was mostly playing a Danelectro guitar run through no fewer than 25 overdrive/equalizer/distortion pedals, giving that Sears & Roebuck made (no joke) guitar the sound of an incoming inter-continental ballistic missile. I snapped a few shots while there.

girl drummers rock. i need to learn. i have a set. i have no sense of rhythm. how sad.
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