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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A little skip in my step

I feel bad for saying it, but sometimes other people's minor misfortunes or non-fatal failures put a little extra skip in my step, a little sparkle in my eye. Mind you, I feel bad for saying it out loud, because it's such a horrible thing to admit. But I bet if you got down to it, a lot of people feel the same as I do.

Here is a short list of some things that give me that positive little charge I need to get through the day or week:

- When powerful people are stopped from doing what they want by non-powerful people, eg, an immigration attorney having an application/petition denied, or a CEO losing money from a strike.

- When people have trouble finding an affordable house to buy.

- Every time gasoline prices go up by even one cent, my mood improves twofold.

- When I see SUV drivers not able to park in my neighborhood.

- People that have to sit in traffic for over an hour each way on their commute to work.

- The idea that the housing bubble might burst.

Can't think of any more for now.
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