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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Spanish Messages

At all costs, I try and avoid using this space to gripe about "life's little annoyances" but in this case I cannot stop myself.

One of the most annoying things on this earth is when you call someone's voice mail, and there's a long, drawn-out message like, "Hello. You have reached ________. I am currently away from my desk right now. At the tone, please ..." and then, to piss you the fuck off, they repeat the entire f'n message in Spanish.

It's Seinfeldian to say it, but do we really need instructions on what to do at the end of a voice mail message? And if a latino person calls and there is no message in Spanish, are they going to be completely dumbfounded and speechless if there's no translation?

This is a WTF to end all WTFs.
I thought spanish people weren't as smart as americans, so wouldn't it make sense?
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