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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Go-It-Alone Backpacking?

My weekend backpacking trip might be rained out. If everyone decides not to go, I'm considering going by myself. But I've tried it before with bad results.

In 2001, I'd just gotten back from Poland where I'd been turned back from a Siberia trip by the Belorussian border guards. My friends continued on, while forlornly, I was "escorted" back to Poland. To get the forest bug out of my system, I decided I'd go solo-backingpacking when I got back to DC.

I headed out to Dolly Sods with enough food and joblessness to last me four days but I ended up starved for human interaction after one day. Going to sleep that first night wasn't even possible without a pint of bourbon. So I cut my trip short by two days and drove home.

I'm too gregarious to do go-it-alone backpacking, but I can't sit in this city for three whole days in the rain. If I do, I'll probably be giving the KBHC a call.
Don't you know the first rule of fight club?--wait, wrong one, the first rule of hiking is to never do it alone.
Me and the family are planning to go to deep creek lake for the first time. Not exactly hiking in a volcano in Hawaii but it will suffice...
Good luck. and ignore the voices in your head.
You know what I would do? Pretend you are one of the lone survivors after a smallpox pandemic.
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