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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Best of the "10 Things" Meme

Earlier this year, thousands of bloggers were writing "10 Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't". I went through hundreds of these on Google's blogsearch, and came up with a list of the 10 best (in no particular order):

10. Used the phrase "I know my shit" in at least two different interviews for jobs that I did get.

9. Had a live donkey stick it’s head in my tent while I was sleeping, woke up and screamed so the poor thing ran away and knocked over most of our food, kitchen area and garbage cans.

8. Gone Urban Spelunking on a date, including skinny dipping in a basement industrial scale water tank.

7. Packed journalism, education, film & TV production, advertising, publishing, and social work in under 10 years. In alphabetical order, I've been a babysitter, cleaning lady, copywriter, editor, filmmaker, journalist, producer, production assistant, production manager, proofreader, teacher, therapist, transcriber, translator, tutor. And I sold fish right by the Twin Towers on Saturday mornings.

6. Been coated in dry-chemical flame retardant whilst engaged in sexual congress.

5. Screamed insults directly at Billy Dee Williams.

4. Worked as both a phone physcic for Miss Cleo and phone sex operator in the same day.

3. I've been threaten by a crack whore with a nail clipper.

2. Looked down from my plane at the burning runway, and thought, "Huh. This can't be good."

1. Dumped someone during sex.
Those are all good. But I'm mad at whoever wrote that about Billy Dee Williams. What did he ever do to anyone?
hard list to top, hard list to top.
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